Foliage And Festivals

October is a beautiful time of year to visit Vermont.  The Green Mountains transform into a canvas of color, the crisp air carries the scent of apples and burning wood, and whatever town you may be traveling through, there’s probably a festival of some sort going on.

Our latest road trip brought us over Hogback Mountain (Marlboro), and through the back roads of Putney, where we were transported back to the time of Knights, Princesses, and Merlin, as Camelot comes alive at the annual Medieval Faire. (one of our Favorite events!)

We captured some of our favorite moments, along with some of mother nature’s breathtaking artwork.



There’s Gold in them there hills!


The mountains, sprinkled with color were a sight to behold…

At the top of Hogback, we stopped to watch as apples were pressed into fresh cider right before our eyes. cider

From there we traveled back roads to Putney where we found ourselves surrounded by Knights, Princesses, and even a Wizard or two at the annual Medieval Faire

There is so much creative fun happening here, it’s truly a magical experience for the entire family.

You’ll also find live music, great food at the Boars Head Tavern tent and plenty of activities including archery, wall climbing, life size chess, jousting, charm making, AND there’s even a craft table to make your own specialized wand or crown (or both!)

You will even be knighted by the King after completing the obstacle course, and if you like you can watch as a walking stick is hand carved before your eyes.



We finished out the day with a drive to the lake off of route 9 West on the way out of Wilmington, where the natural beauty never disappoints.


One thing is for sure… Vermont… is so much more than snow.

Stay tuned for more hidden gems and best kept secrets as we continue our Fall Road Trip tour bringing you the best that Vermont has to offer.


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