Wilmington – a small town full of heart


Beware when visiting this quaint little town… it’s known for making it’s way into the heart of all who visit, and remaining there forevermore.

In a valley surrounded by majestic Green Mountains, you’ll find the small village town of Wilmington. It’s main street alive with color, sidewalks sprinkled with unique shops and the smell from local eateries filling the air, Wilmington offers it’s visitors a welcoming energy that feels like home and makes you want to stay for a while

Today we’re taking you through the Historic Downtown District and sharing some of our favorite finds.


If you’re looking for a place to stay while you’re in town, the Crafts Inn is located right on main street (route 9) and the spacious rooms and beautiful surroundings will have you feeling rested, relaxed and coming back year after year.

As you make your way downtown, you may find your mouth watering as the scent of fresh baked goods and hand crafted deliousness wafts through the air.  Wilmington offers an array of restaruants, so whether you’re in the mood for Dot’s Chili, Anchor Seafood, Italian cuisine, or a vegetarian option, don’t worry whatever your taste, this town has it.

One of our all time favorites is Jezebels Eatery which offers handmade ice cream, home baked desserts, the best sandwiches in town, and on Friday & Saturday nights there is a special entree menu available that is out of this world. Jezebel’s dinner entrees are alive with flavor and will have your taste buds dancing with delight, offering a delicious selection of fresh made for you dinners including Herb Crusted Prime Rib, Citrus Salmon and Chicken & Waffles (Vermont Style).


Next door to Jezebel’s is the 1836 Country Store that offers a great selection of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Handmade Chocolate Fudge and Vermont Cheddar Cheese and you can even grab some Vermont themed souveniers for your friends back home.

If you have questions, need directions, or would like more information about activities or events around the area, the Chamber Visitors Center is happy to help.

Wilmington also has a unique selection of boutiques and shops that offer everything from vintage jewelry, to handmade crafts from Vermont artisans. Jaspers Decor is a favorite, located just off main street, next to the pub and across from the local library.

If you’ve only passed through this area on your way to somewhere else, we highly recommend you schedule a stop the next time around, and if you’re looking to experience Vermont for the first time, a Weekend in Wilmington is a great way to begin your love affair with the Green Mountain State.

This little town has much to offer (this is just downtown!)  including lakes for Kayaking & Canoeing and endless hiking trails.  We visited the animals at Adam’s Farm and had so much fun, we’re going back next week to spend the entire day!

(we’ll be sharing our Adam’s Family Farm experience with you in a future blog post)


Stay tuned for more unique finds as we continue our fall road trip tour in search of Vermont’s hidden gems and best kept secrets!

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