Antiques, Great Coffee & Maple Surprise

On our latest road trip, we traveled up scenic Route 5 North from Brattleboro to Westminster, and on our way out of town, we found a little gem for those who love to browse through antique shops and appreciating forget me nots, this is for you.millies

This gem is called -Millies” forget me not Antiques, and if you love browsing for hidden gems, this is for you.  You’ll find Millies at the end of Elliot Street in Brattleboro.

From there we made our way to Putney.

putneygeneralstoreOur next stop was at The Putney General Store, we stopped for coffee, and what we found was so much more. The Pierce Bros. Fogbuster coffee they had brewed was super fresh & piping hot, (if you’re a coffee lover like me that’s REALLY important) so this gem gets 5 coffee stars. After turning left to park at the general store, we continued up that road just to see what was up there, and what we found was a delightful surprise!  At the end of the road, tucked away at the end of a drive is a hidden gem filled with Maple.

hiddenspringsmapleHidden Springs Maple is packed FULL of every flavor of real Vermont Maple Syrup that you could possibly imagine, they offer a vast selection of Maple goods that will have your mouth watering in no time, and the folks that operate it are super friendly.


After satisfying our sweet tooth with maple, we continued up Route 5 North to Westminster, where we pulled over and made some new friends, rte5horseyfriends

and just up the road a piece, we discovered a delighful bounty of colorful blooms at Johnson’s Greenhouse. (GEM!) johnsonsgreenhouse

Stay tuned for more …as we continue our Fall Road Trip tour in search of Vermont’s hidden gems and best kept secrets.


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