Brattleboro – A Gem in itself

Brattleboro… the one and only.

This Weekend we road tripped over the mountain to the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market on Route 9 on Saturday, and then on Sunday we made our way over to the Tiny House Festival happening downtown.  Each a unique experience with an abundance of gems.

farmersmarket5  farmersmarket1

At the farmer’s market you’ll find apple cider, fruity jams, fresh cut flowers and a variety of organic fruits and vegetables from local farms.  You’ll also find beautiful pottery, hand crafted jewelry, natural skin care products, and some of the best food tents in town.


The smell of deliciousness immediatly surrounds you as soon as you enter, and your senses will be engaged for your entire stay.


And for those of you looking for a grown up cider… they’ve got you covered.


On Sunday we ventured to the Tiny House Fest happening in the downtown area, and in addition to seeing some groovy tiny houses, we met some groovy people who made some groovy things like handpainted rugs, and jewelry made from recycled jeans.

This was a tiny house favorite.


And the handpainted rugs were so amazingly beautiful and full of detail!


It was a fun filled Weekend full of interesting people, creative expression and quality hand crafted groovy-ness.

Stay tuned for more as we continue our Fall Road Trip Tour bringing you more of Vermont’s hidden gems and best kept secrets!

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