Green Mountains, Organic Gardening, Spiritual Connection & Personal Growth

Traveling up scenic Route 100 from Wilmington all the way up to the Mad River Valley there is natural beauty, and there’s an abundance of it.   Turn your gaze in any direction and you will find beautiful mountains and country roads sprinkled with small town charm.  In Waitsfield,  we visited a certified organic farm that also features a wellness retreat like no other I’ve ever experienced, and this gem is definitely one of the areas best kept secrets.

I got to spend some time with owner/operator Amy Todisco and although our time together was brief, it was also powerful.  She taught me about organic gardening, we spent some time connecting with the horses, and visited a sacred watering hole that immediately filled me with a feeling of well being.  14188344_10209747131014917_5809745637445897654_o


I could literally FEEL my energy shifting as I took in my surroundings.

Natural beauty, organic meals, spiritual connection AND personal growth?  It was like hitting the jackpot!

The experience stayed with me long after I was back on the road, and it was one I knew I wanted to share with you, so I asked Amy to join me in an interview, where she shared the story behind doing what she does, and why she feels the Mad River Valley is the perfect place for her to do it.  CLICK HERE to listen in on our conversation.




Amy Todisco is a Green Living expert, she’s the author of “Organic Food On A Budget” the founder of “Green Living Now”, a professional organic gardner, and when she’s not doing that, she’s helping women from around the country experience life changing breakthroughs with her very unique Vermont wellness retreats.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AMY and all of her Amazing-ness. (you’ll be glad you did, she’s a GEM!)



Stay tuned for more as we continue our Fall Road Trip Tour bringing you more of Vermont’s hidden gems and best kept secrets!

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